Tired of neck/ backpain? Nearly 80% of people experience it, making it very hard to enjoy normal activities. Defy the pain, and regain your health!


Let us help improve your ergonomics at work with a risen eye level, improving posture and getting rid of that hunchback!


Not getting enough exercise? Our standing desk allows you to be more active, which improves productivity and burns calories! 


Defy Desk offers an innovative ergonomic lifestyle to improve your work station at a very affordable price, with FREE SHIPPING!

Is Sitting The New Smoking?

Sitting for too long can kill you. It might sound dramatic, but it is actually true. According to many specialists, there are detrimental effects of something that most Americans do without thinking too much about it – sitting!

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My back has been killing me, and I needed something asap, because I’ve also heard that sitting down is really bad for you. There were a lot of options, but I wanted this one because the height adjustment went really high, and as a rather tall individual, the others weren’t fitting. Anyway, I got this about a week ago and wanted to test it out before reviewing it. I am VERY impressed at this price. The others were like $300-400 but this one was cheap price, but NOT cheap quality. It goes up and down smoothly, and I sit and stand multiple times a day. Its awesome, and already gotten a lot of questions about what it is. Awesome product!

Cameron S. Farmer

I got two of these, one for me and one for my husband. . Sturdy and heavy design. I wanted a surface that didn’t move and this fit the bill. Even though its durable and sturdy, you can still move it if need be, by yourself. I wanted a flat surface, and this was definitely the one. I saw the two layer ones but didn't need it. Just wanted something to go up and down, and be a quality product. The up down hydraulic system is also awesome. With a lot of weight, I'm still able to easily rise it up and down daily without a problem. Mind you, I don't weigh much. 
Awesome product, thank you very much Defy Desk for making my work life better. 

Britt Sharer

This is an awesome desk. I work from home, so I noticed that I was sitting for 8 hours without really getting up much. It seemed very unhealthy and I had back pains. I searched ergonomic types of lifestyle and i came across this Defy desk. I ordered it a little while back, and now I sit and stand multiple times a day. It's really awesome. I have two monitors and a good amount of weight on it, yet it goes up with ease, and comes down with ease as well. My back feels much better now. Going to get one more for my son for college as well. Stay healthy!

Alyssa Johnson
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